Peter Ruof

Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Peter founded Blackwood Capital Group in New York in 1995 as a senior advisor M&A firm.

Peter started his career joining the Commission of the European Union in Brussels in [1962] at its creation, pursuant to which he moved to Washington to join the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where he spent [ ] years and was responsible for [ ].

From [ ] to [ ], Peter worked at the World Bank in charge of [ ] before joining the Ford Foundation in New York.

In [ ], Peter co-founded Kouri Capital, an advisory firm he led as Chairman and CEO while taking on the Chairmanship also of Techstart International, China Cement Corporation Ltd and Chairman of Phoenix Confections Inc., a US candy company with turnover of $70m, which was subsequently sold to Nabisco.

Some of Peter’s most notable transactions after founding Blackwood include the sale of Bally to TPG, the acquisition of ESEC by Oerlikon-Bührle, the sale of Oerlikon Contraves to Rheinmetall, the acquisition of PlasmaTherm by Unaxis, the acquisition of Gamera Inc. by Tecan, the divestiture of Pilatus Aircraft to IHAG Holding, the sale of Troulsen & Co Refrigerator Company to Hobart Corporation, the acquisition of BZ-Group’s 33% stake in VP Bank as well as the merger between R.P.Scherer and Cardinal Health.

Today, Peter is involved in various philanthropic activities, predominantly in music and arts.